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Eat Right and Exercise

I celebrated the big 40th birthday in May this year. Every birthday reminds me that my body is getting older, and I must care for it and steward it well (My younger staff members… AHEM! Nate Stevens, also remind me I’m getting a little older as well). I know the method, eat right and exercise.Continue reading “Eat Right and Exercise”

Fill Up and Live Out

What does it mean to Fill Up and Live Out? If we are going to use this as our tag line for Student Ministry, then we should have a purpose for it. Better yet, how do we go about helping the students embody this statement, and why do we do it?  Ultimately, we are toContinue reading “Fill Up and Live Out”

Criticism and Correction

When I was younger, I used to love watching American Idol with my parents. More specifically, I loved watching the first few episodes when it was just the preliminary tryouts. I always found it amusing to watch the people who came in, sung horribly, dressed funny, or said or did something weird, and then leftContinue reading “Criticism and Correction”

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