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Keep Going

Statistically speaking, last Tuesday (Jan. 17th) was the day that most people gave up their new year resolutions. People all across the country have stopped going to the gym, quit their diets, picked back up “that one”bad habit they said they’d quit, and/or given up on that new hobby they said they would try. IContinue reading “Keep Going”

Helping With Missions

Last week, I attended a conference here in Louisville that centered around the importance of missions overseas, and the Gospel message being sent out in all directions. Since I believe God has called me to serve in the local church here in America, I must confess that oftentimes I downplay the importance of overseas missionsContinue reading “Helping With Missions”


Have you ever been reading the psalms, and come across that word off to the side of the margins (typically italicized too) “selah?” Have you ever wondered what it meant and why it is there? If you’re like me, you also may have wondered, “am I supposed to read that word, even? I’m confused.” WhileContinue reading “Selah”

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