How to Study the Bible? 

The Word of God, as the psalmist proclaims, “is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” We speak often of the Bible as the “Truth,” His Word as being “God-breathed,” and “living and active.” Christians revere the Word of God, and understand it’s importance in instructing in all truth. But, haveContinue reading “How to Study the Bible? “

God’s Faithfulness to His Church: Faith Alone

This month, we will be journeying through the differing ways that God has been faithful to His Church, and will also be celebrating ways that He has been faithful to our particular church. It is important within our modern day in age, to look first at the reason for the Church, and the scriptural mandateContinue reading “God’s Faithfulness to His Church: Faith Alone”

Who is Your Paul and Timothy?

Our spiritual growth is of the utmost importance. In order to take care of our spirits, and to grow in the Lord, we read our Bibles, pray, attend church, and/or volunteer to help others. But, when I examine my own walk with God, I can think of no greater spiritual growth tool than having aContinue reading “Who is Your Paul and Timothy?”