Your Real Source

I was listening to sermons and podcasts for answers to the life that I desired. Yet, very rarely did I pick up the Bible. I would listen to Mark Driscoll, Matt Chandler, John MacArthur, etc… but I rarely opened the Word to seek the answers I was after. I constantly relied on man’s interpretation.

Now, Im not saying these men are bad preachers, but what I am saying, and what I hope to expose, is that if that is your only source, then that is major error . From previous conversations at my old church, and with other families, it has come to my attention that this happens more than people may think. There are many reasons why using only online resources, and not our Bibles, to grow spiritually is wrong.

The first reason is found in Scripture several times. Clearly in Psalm 118:8 it says, “it is better to take refuge in the LORD than to trust in man.” So with that in mind, if we are not grounded in Scripture and seeking answers there, but instead relying on Keith as our pastor, or any other pastor out there to expose the gospel, then what are we relying on? Pastor Keith, although extremely gifted and knowledgeable, should not be your only source of wisdom. The Bible is a gift from God to show us His character and proclaim the gospel of Jesus.

If all we do is rely on man for our relationship with God, it is like we are relying on an imperfect interpretation of who God is. He tells us who He is! My eyes were opened to so much when I was saved. Primarily in that my understanding of who God is. I had so many people telling me to watch “this sermon,” or “read this book,” or “listen to this song. That all changed when my eyes were opened. What changed was not only how I saw God, but also how I listened. Now, I still watch Chandler, Piper, Keller, etc… but that’s no longer the main source. Worship music and podcasts have their place but nothing replaces the Word of God!

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