Reading That Transforms

The Psalmist David had no shortage of words in Psalm 119 that call our attention to an action on our part. Words such as: keep, delight in, seek after, speak of, fear (respect), trust, and choose, to name a few. So many more words speak to my heart of the active and living Word of God, which is able to transform my life. It tells me that obedience and application is the key. In one of the powerful devotions of A.W. Tozer (He was called a 20th century prophet), he made this statement:

“No man is better for knowing that God in the beginning created the heavens and the earth. The devil knows that, and so did Ahab and Judas Iscariot. No man is better for knowing that God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son to die for their redemption. In hell, there are millions who know that. Theological truth is useless until it is obeyed. The purpose behind all doctrine is to secure moral action.” 

If I am “transformed,” this will result in moral action, the way I should live, and the renewal of my mind. I must allow His Word to cut deep within my heart and mind, and create the change He knows I need. Once again, application is the key. When I allow His Word to be planted in my heart, it will produce fruit in my life which will glorify God and reveal light in such a dark world. A light which will draw others who do not know Him, to Him.

Pondering on this thought a while back, I wrote in a devotional, ” Our nation needs us (believers) to be ‘walking Bibles’ –not to impress others with our knowledge of His Word, but rather living out before the world the wonderful love of God coupled with the power and wisdom of God to share with those lost and without a Savior.” We can only be empowered to do this as His Word is working in us and through us, out onto others. 

The powerful benefits of God’s Word are mentioned throughout it. Psalm 19:7-11 mention a few: it revives the soul, it makes the simple wise, it brings rejoicing to the heart, it enlightens the eyes (giving greater knowledge and understanding). Why would we not avail ourselves to such blessings? Spending time with Him in His Word is indeed a spiritual discipline. You will never find the time to spend with Him, you make the time. The blessings of this discipline are beyond number. 

Matthew Henry said, “It is a privilege not only to read the Scriptures ourselves, but to hear them read by others. It is not sufficient to our blessedness that we read and hear the Scriptures but we must keep the things that are written. Hearing is necessary for doing. But, the most attentive and frequent hearing of the Word of God will not help us unless we are also doers of it.”

Indeed His Word brings transformation to us as He reveals and guides us along. His Spirit is our Illuminator and Teacher. I am reminded again, that to obey is better than sacrifice. I am also reminded that to know Jesus more, I must love His Word. He is the LIVING WORD! Obedience to His Word brings great delight to our Lord. 

Let (allow) the Word of Christ dwell (to live as a resident) in you richly, teaching and admonishing one another in all wisdom…” – Colossians 3:16

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