Pneuma: God the Spirit

“And it shall come to pass afterward,

that I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh;

your sons and your daughters shall prophesy,

your old men shall dream dreams,

and your young men shall see visions.

Even on the male and female servants

in those days I will pour out my Spirit.” 

Joel 2:28-29 (ESV) 

There are few topics within the Christian faith that elicit as varied a response as thoughts on who the Holy Spirit is, His role, and His impact on Christians. A core value of our church is that we are Spirit-empowered. This means that anything of eternal significance personally and corporately is the result of the Holy Spirit working in and through us. With so many varied opinions on the Holy Spirit we aim to help people understand more about Him. Seeking to answer questions such as: Who is the Holy Spirit? What does He do? How does He help individual Christians? How does He help the Church? 

If you’ve been perplexed or have felt you have misunderstood the Holy Spirit and His work, you’re not alone. Our hope is that you will gather with us as we learn together to understand the Spirit and His role. He is such an important aspect of our faith that Jesus told His followers it was better for Him to go, so that the Spirit may come. He said greater works would come through the empowering of God’s people through the Holy Spirit. 

We have neglected our faith if we do not seek to understand that which the Father and the Son have sent to empower His Church. I invite you to reflect on the life of Peter, and the transformative impact of the Spirit on this man. He is the one who denied Jesus three times, and yet later, empowered by the Spirit, preached the Gospel and thousands were saved! This is the personal impact of God the Spirit on our lives. Let’s explore and grow together in the coming weeks! 

Gather with us Sundays beginning October 9 at 9 or 11am!

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