Why The Gospel Story?

Our Kid’s Ministry program here at NBCC uses the Gospel Story Bible and the accompanying devotionals for our Sunday morning curriculum.  I would like to share a little about these books, and why our church leadership feels they are a great fit for our kids and families.

The lessons start with Creation, and work all the way through Revelation.  The stories are well written and easy to follow.  Each story connects to Jesus, and shows kids how He is present throughout the entire Bible.  The Bible verses where the content was drawn from are provided, and the story follows it closely, and there are colorful illustrations and engaging questions with each story to promote discussion and understanding.  The kids are introduced to people in the Bible in ways they enjoy, and can relate to.  We are currently working through the Exodus stories, which provides a great way for families to have conversations and connect what everyone is learning.   

Our teachers prepare their lessons using both of these books and usually add in a craft or activity to help reinforce it.  The teachers are on a monthly rotation and are easily able to follow along with where we are.  With the lessons and ideas in the devotions books to draw from, they are able to put together lessons the kids enjoy and take to heart.

The devotions that go with the stories help families connect and help kids learn how they can apply lessons from the Bible to their everyday lives.  There are five quick devotions that correspond with the weekly lessons.  This provides our families with a simple way to keep their whole family in the word daily.   The two devotionals, one for the old testament and one for the new, are available for our families to purchase if they wish.

It is important for our kids to enjoy coming to church and learning God’s word in a way that they understand and relate to.  The Gospel Story Bible is a great tool to help us nurture our kid’s faith and help them become disciples who will shine God’s light into the world around them.

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