Who is Your Paul and Timothy?

Our spiritual growth is of the utmost importance. In order to take care of our spirits, and to grow in the Lord, we read our Bibles, pray, attend church, and/or volunteer to help others. But, when I examine my own walk with God, I can think of no greater spiritual growth tool than having a mentor in my life. I am the man I am today because older, godlier men have walked alongside me and have poured into and shaped my walk with Christ. My aim in this post is to show you the importance of finding a mentor and being a mentor.

Find Your Paul:

The Apostle Paul, in all his wisdom and knowledge, thought it extremely important to mentor Timothy in his walk with God, and guide him to better understanding of theology. Paul writes to this young man letters of encouragement (1 and 2 Timothy, and Ephesians) instructing him to value sound doctrine, and calling him to growth in Christ. Paul was an older, wiser Christian taking this young man under his wing in order to help shape his life. Paul helps Timothy to grow from a young, new believer, to the lead pastor in the church of Ephesus. And once Timothy pastoring, Paul grabbed another young man in the faith, Titus, and mentored him as well! Who is a person like Paul among you? Who is someone who is older and is serious about his or her faith? Seek them out and ask to be mentored by them. There is a lot to be learned from those who have come before us.

Speaking from my own personal life, I have valued finding a mentor above most other things. I need godly men in my life to help me and teach me. These men are disicpling me, showing me what it means to be a godly husband and father, and are praying with me. I cannot stress enough how beneficial it is to find someone to mentor you. Find someone in your life who is “your Paul,” and ask them to mentor and walk this life next to you.

Find your Timothy:

On the other end of the spectrum is this: who is the Timothy in your life? Is there someone younger or less mature in their faith that you know of? Go to them and offer your help. Looking at Paul again, he sought out Timothy and helped him grow. Once Timothy was on his own, Paul sought out another young man, Titus! Mentorship was something Paul considered to be a constant, spiritual discipline to practice. Personally, without the older men in my life who came and helped me, I would not be anywhere near where I am today. It is because of men like Dan Wilkins, Gabe Gibitz, and Eric Harbin that I am who I am today. I recognize that no one at North Bullitt Christian Church will know these men’s names, but their impact on my life shines forth from me. 

Friends, there are many young men and women in our church who would love for you to sit and simply “do life” with them. Genuine mentorship and discipleship, in it’s simplest form, is that. Do life with them. I would encourage you, if you are able, to find someone to walk alongside with. Just as Paul came to Timothy and grew him in faith, so too we should be doing.

How Can I Do This?:

If you find yourself in a mentorship situation, and wish for guidance I would like to offer a few suggestions. First, our church has amazing resources that help in this area. We have a plethora of books titled Multiply where the focus is grabbing someone and going through the book with them in hopes of deeper growth and discipleship. It is an incredible tool for mentorships that I would encourage you to pick up at Connection Point. Second, mentorship does not have to be this grand, larger than life ordeal. It can simply be meeting up over coffee, lunch, or maybe dinner and just talking and praying for one another. The best approach is to just be open and available for each other.

In conclusion to this, my great hope is to see our church mentoring one another and walking alongside others in different spiritual journeys than our own. If Paul himself thought it best to grab Timothy and mentor him, then perhaps it is a good practice to begin doing. If you want to mentor, want to be mentored, or have questions, please reach out to myself and the church, and we will work with you.

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